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Listed below are some of the items we purchase on a regular basis. Prices subject to change on a daily basis.:

#1 Copper (clean)$1.90/ lb
#2 Copper (clean)$1.65 / lb
#1 Ins Wire Heavy$1.50/ lb
#1 Ins Wire$0.80-$1.15 / lb
#2 Ins Wire$.50-.70 / lb
Aluminum Painted Siding$0.20 / lb
Aluminum Cans$0.25 / lb
Aluminum Sheet$0.20 / lb
Aluminum Auto Rims - no wts or valve stems$0.45 / lb
Aluminum Truck Rims$0.35 / lb
Aluminum Radiators (Clean)$0.20 / lb
Copper / Alum Radiators (Clean)$0.65 / lb
Red Brass$1.40 / lb
Yellow Brass (Clean)$1.25 / lb
Brass Radiators$1.15 / lb
Heater Cores$0.90 / lb
Soft Lead$.30 / lb
Lead Wheel Weights$0.10 / lb
Range Lead$0.20 / lb
304 Stainless Steel$0.25 / lb
Electric Motors (inc Starters & Alternators)$0.09 / lb
Lead Acid Batteries$0.18 / lb
Catalytic Converters$5 - $60 ea.
Prepared Iron (3 ft x 18 in)$55 / ton
Unprepared Iron$30 / ton

All fluids must be drained.
Rims must have the lead weights taken off.
Steel Cable must be cut in 3 foot sections or we canít take it.

We cannot accept oil filters, refrigerators, freezers, sealed shock absorbers, propane or Freon tanks.

We provide roll-off containers to be placed at manufacturing businesses and machine shops.


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